50 gram bag of Elite Shungite for preparation of 1 litre of Shungite water


DIRECTIONS - Rinse Elite Shungite under running water and place into water jug. Fill container with water and allow to soak, ideally for 3 days before consuming. Drink up  to 2-3 glasses of the water every day, replacing water as necessary.


Please note that these pieces are a choking hazard and care should be taken.  We recommend that the Shungite be placed in a jug or other container that you do not directly from.


Our Shungite is sourced directly from Karelia in Russia, the only place on earth that it can be found.  We test each piece for its authenticity and can therefore GUARANTEE that it is genuine.

As Shungite has such a high carbon content you may find that you get some black deposits on your skin when handling it.  Don’t worry, this is normal, and the residue is completely harmless and can be easily removed.

Shungite Water Pack Elite - 50 grams

  • To keep your Shungite product looking at its best it is recommended to use warm soapy water to clean it and then leave in the sun for a few hours to dry out completely.  As Shungite never takes on a negative charge, there is nothing else required, making it an easy care product.