Shungite As A Water Cleaner

Updated: Feb 5

We decided to do a little experiment to see how clean Shungite can keep water.


  1. We grabbed a few spinach leaves out of the fridge. They were fresh out of a packet we had just purchased from the supermarket. We weighed them so that there was approximately the same in each batch.

  2. We then took two clean glass jars and filled them with water straight out of the tap. We positioned both jars close to each other on the window sill.

  3. Next, we added a piece of Elite Shungite, about 5 grams, into the jar on the left.

  4. Finally, we added the leaves to each jar and left them on the window sill.

As you can see from the photos below, at the start of the experiment the water in both jars is very clear.

Having set the experiment up, we left to go on a weeks holiday, leaving the two jars undisturbed in our kitchen.

Day 8

After having a wonderful relaxing time away, we were anxious to get home and see the results of the experiment. We were thinking that the Shungite might provide some positives in regards to keeping the water clean, but we were quite surprised as to the actual results.

The photos below were taken as soon as we arrived home.

We also noted that on the top of the jar that had no Shungite, there were a couple of insects, drawn to the decaying leaves.

These photos are straight out the camera, no alteration to the photo except some cropping.

It is quite evident that the Shungite has made a great difference. When you compare the clarity of the water in the Shungite jar, to the cloudy water in the jar without Shungite, you can see that the piece of Shungite has done its job quite successfully.

It is also interesting to note the state of decay of the leaves. The leaves in the Shungite water are clearly still dark green and intact, whereas the leaves in the jar without Shungite are yellow and decaying. Sniff sniff smelly.

Shungite For Your Flower Vase.

Place some Elite Shungite in the bottom of your flower vase to make your flowers last longer. You can find small pieces of Elite Shungite, the most economical way to buy Elite Shungite here

The Shungite can we reused time and time again, so make sure you capture and reuse.

Shungite For Your Drinking Water

If you want to enjoy the taste of how water should taste, then try adding some Shungite to your drinking water. We have two packs for you. One is regular black Shungite (100g pack here) and the other is Elite Shungite (50g pack here)

You can read our other blog for preparation and benefits of Shungite Water here

Shungite For Your Bath

We also have Shungite for your bath to give you a clean, detoxing and refreshing bath. You can use either Elite (carbon content 95%) or Petrovsky (carbon content 75%. They come conveniently packed for you and can be used multiple times.