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Updated: Apr 7

I am getting asked more and more often about the types of Shungite that we offer. I have also seen on other websites wrong information that is leading people astray. So here is a quick explanation of the 3 types of Shungite out there. I have also done a quick video, link is at the end.

Elite/Noble Shungite

Also known as type I – This is easy to distinguish and ONLY comes in a raw nugget form. This is due to the structure of it, making it entirely unsuitable for shaping. If you are offered something in a shape, like a pyramid, and told it is Elite, you can bet that it is not Elite.

Petrovsky Shungite

This is a dark grey and not as shiny as Elite. In fact most Petrovsky is not shiny at all. It is also EXTREMELY rare now to be found online and is not sold very often, other than in bracelet form. Some websites are claiming that they are selling Petrovsky shapes. I would be very careful about this. Firstly, it is rare for Petrovsky shapes to be in the market. Secondly, it is not that much cheaper than Elite, so if you are offered Petrovsky, at a reasonable price, you can be pretty sure it is not Petrovsky, probably the Regular Black Shungite.

Black/Regular Shungite

This is black in colour and is the main type you will see sold, shaped into pyramids, cubes and spheres and made into pendants and bracelets. This is the most common Shungite in the marketplace.

I have done a short video here to show the differences in the 3 types. I hope this helps you with your decisions.

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