Shungite Harmonisers

Updated: May 10

Ancient Chinese wisdom tells us that Yin and Yang, the two universal qualities, must always be in balance. Just as the Yang needs the Yin, the Yin requires the Yang to be complete. Chinese medicine holds that the left side of the brain is Yang, or masculine in nature. The right side of the brain is Yin, or more feminine.

In Chinese medicine, the left side of the body is considered feminine, and the right side masculine. Ancient practices such as Qigong and Tai chi were designed to balance the brain and body to synchronise the Yin and Yang qualities, to keep them in balance.

Qigong Brain Balancing was developed by the ancient Chinese masters to improve health and cultivate martial art skills in defensive training and war. They understood that it is essential to balance the body and brain diagonally. The left brain connects to the right body. The right brain connects to the left body (

Shungite Harmonisers have been used as a meditation tool for centuries to help realign the chakras and to balance the delicate energies within the body. Shungite brings a Yin energy and is best paired with another stone of similar shape and size with Yang energy. You will find the Harmonisers paired with each other to balance the Yin and the Yang. High vibrational stones work together to run a subtle energy current within the body, to help bring the body back into alignment and revitalise and harmonise you with your surroundings.

When you hold the Harmonisers, you will have a current of subtle energy running through your body, from one hand to the other hand. Depending on the stones you are using will affect the type of energy and energetic flow and the rebalancing affect.

There are different levels of strengths available in Shungite Harmonisers, each level having its own unique stone pairing. At Shungite Masters, we have two types of stone pairings with our Shungite Harmonisers.

WARNING - It is important to consider your own personal sensitivity to crystals when choosing which set is right for you, as each person will react differently to crystals and their energy.

If you are not familiar with energy balancing or using higher frequency stones we recommend beginning your harmonising journey with Shungite and Soapstone.

It is important to consider the following when deciding on which type of Harmoniser you are going to use.

  • How do you react to external energies?

  • What intensity level are you comfortable with today?

  • What are the stones properties?

  • Which stones are you resonating today most with?

Depending on your own energy levels on a specific day, you may choose to use different harmoniser pairings.

Types of Harmonisers



Low - The lower levels provide a beautiful, grounded energy.

It feels supportive, cleansing, and gently aligns you.

SHUNGITE CHARACTERISTICS Purifying + Detoxifying + Grounding + Protective

SOAPSTONE CHARACTERISTICS Gentle Energy + Soft + Stable + Supportive + Cleansing



You can purchase your Shungite and Soapstone Harmonisers here

Shungite is Yin/Feminine energy. Soapstone is Yang/Masculine energy.

Shungite is over 2 billion years old this stone has amazing grounding and purifying/detoxifying properties. It is also a very protective stone, especially against EMFs.

Soapstone has a lovely calming soft grey colour. While calming it still gives off a stimulating energy. Soapstone is often used as an insulator for housing and electrical components. the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Rio de Janeiro is clad in Soapstone.