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Updated: Feb 5

The most healing element we have is water. It cleans us, it hydrates us, it gives us life and more than 70% of our bodies are made of water.

By bathing we are allowing ourselves to take advantage of waters healing power. It promotes relaxation as well as providing other therapeutic benefits.

To take this to another level, you should try taking a Shungite bath. People have commented to us that simply by drinking Shungite water their skin has taken on a more lustrous look and feels moister and smoother to the touch.

So what does taking a Shungite bath do for you?


A warm Shungite bath encourages the body to flush out toxins. Our immune system is also enhanced for our body to minimise our exposure to toxins.

Calming Effect

A Shungite bath promotes deep muscle relaxation, reduces tension and migraine brought on by stress. Literally washing your troubles and pains away.

Health Benefits

Bathing in Shungite also promotes improvements in your overall health. It can reduce symptoms of headache, sleeping disorders and mood swings. It can also help stimulate your circulation, provide pain relief to sufferers of joint pain and sore muscles.


Shungite has powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties making bathing in Shungite an invaluable part of your beauty regime. By opening clogged pores, the Shungite water purifies and moisturises the skin while at the same time loading your skin with valuable minerals. It can help with the reduction of scar tissues and skin inflammations and acne. It can also improve skin elasticity.

Preparation of a Shungite bath.

Making a Shungite bath is simple and quick.

Firstly, obtain your Shungite. There are 3 grades of Shungite, Regular is the most cost effective, but we recommend using Petrovsky or Elite Shungite.

As the grades of Shungite contain different amount of carbon and fullerenes, we recommend that for an average bath you use 500g of Regular Shungite (up to 35% carbon content), 150g of Petrovsky (carbon content 75%) or 100g of Elite (carbon content 95%).

Pictures of Regular, Petrovsky and Elite Shungite (left to right)

We have prepared in kits in a bag with instructions for your ease of use. For Regular click here, Petrovsky, click here and for Elite, click here.

Okay you have your Shungite, now what.

First off, it is best to give the Shungite a quick rinse to get rid of any dust or debris.

Place your Shungite in the bath. We recommend keeping it in a bag to avoid damage to you or your bath.

Fill the bath to your desired temperature and allow the Shungite to sit in the water for at least 20 minutes to energise and detox the water before entering the bath.

Enjoy a relaxing bath and enjoy the benefits to your physical and spiritual health.


After your bath, simply allow the stones to dry in the sun or pad them dry with some cloth and they are ready for your next bath. Shungite is able to be reused, but we recommend you replace the stones after a few years.

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