Shapes - Pyramids, Spheres, Eggs and Cubes

Updated: May 21

This is a general blog about some of the most popular shapes that Shungite is fashioned into. Both polished and unpolished, they have the ability to neutralise dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation into a safer biological form that is more compatible with human DNA.

What is EMF Radiation?

EMF (“Electromagnetic Field”) radiation is created from all electronic devices, including mobile phones, laptops, wi-fi routers, tablets and smart meters in our homes.

In her book Regina Martino states....."we apply the protective influence to the harmful source and this corrects and transforms the electromagnetic waves into biocompatible emanations. In the case of pulsed electromagnetic waves ( Wi-Fi, cordless phones, and cell phones) the corrected influence emanates with the same strength as the original, harmful source but in a biocompatible and positive way.”

Shungite is believed to be able to do this because of its structure, in particular the naturally occurring Fullerenes that it contains. You can read more about Fullerenes here.

Pyrite and Quartz Inclusions

You may notice that your pyramid/sphere/cube is not perfect. That is because it is handmade, not mass produced. Shungite may also have quartz and pyrite in it, which are naturally occurring and make each piece absolutely unique. No two items will ever be the same. This picture is of a chunk of raw Shungite with some Pyrite and Quartz inclusions.


It is no co-incidence that pyramids are our number 1 seller. Since ancient times pyramids have been seen to hold powerful and mystical energies. Many people believe the pyramid shape allows it to magnify and concentrate vibrational energies through its apex.

We have 2 types of pyramids in our stock. One is based on the classical pyramid shape from the great pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. The other is based on a lesser-known pyramid called a Nubian or Russian pyramid which is approximately twice as tall as the base.

The Giza pyramids are amazing when you read about them. They were oriented almost perfectly to the 4 cardinal directions, North, East, South and West, only 0.067 degrees out. Amazing considering they didn't have the modern technology and gadgets that we have today! We recommend you follow this North, East, South, West orientation when placing your pyramids.

Where to place your Shungite Pyramid

The size of the pyramid is determined by the size of your room. Please refer to the table below.

To protect yourself from EMF radiation, place your pyramid as close to or on your electronic devices (especially items like wi-fi routers and microwaves) or near power outlets in each room. Pyramids are best placed in your workspaces and living areas, basically anywhere you spend a great deal of time.

Other uses for your Pyramid

You can also use your Shungite pyramid to re-energise your vital field. Just place it on a particular part of your body. Shungite can also be used to enhance your sleep by helping the alignment of your energy. Just place a pyramid near your bed to enjoy a more restful sleep.

Finally, you can use the apex of the pyramid to press into the fingertips and palm to stimulate your hand chakras (warning the Nubian shaped pyramid apex is extremely sharp to care must be taken at all times).

Pyramid Beneficial Influence Ranges

These ranges are based on the objects being placed in a “neutral” area. If the Shungite is placed in an area of disturbance the emanation will be reduced slightly. This table is from the book “Shungite: Protection, Healing, and Detoxification” by Regina Martino. The pyramid detailed below is the classic Giza pyramid shape from Egypt. We also stock “high” or Nubian shaped pyramids that have a much greater mass than the Giza shaped pyramids. It is suggested that the influence range of these Nubian shaped pyramids is about 1.5 times more than the Giza shaped pyramid.

Shungite Shape and Size (mm) Influence Range (approx.)

Pyramid 50mm 2.1-2.3 metres

Pyramid 60mm 2.5-2.7 metres

Pyramid 80mm 3.5-3.9 metres

Pyramid 100mm 5.0-5.4 metres

Spheres and Eggs

Spheres Our Spheres range in sizes from 30mm to a whopping 150mm (I can get larger if you want!) and are made out of a single piece of Shungite. You will be able to see some pyrite and quartz inclusions in the spheres which are natural and make your piece truly, one of a kind.