Elite Shungite Statement Pieces

Hey everyone just a quick blog to let you know we have exciting news.

Again, we are the trend setters, with others rushing to follow our lead. We are now offering HUGE ELITE statement pieces for sale to you in Australia and (not forgetting our friends) in New Zealand.

They work great in your home as protection as well as being a piece of "objet d'art"

We have been able to get our hands on some sensational pieces of Elite Shungite.

These are LARGE and quite hard to get hold of and are becoming harder and harder to obtain.

Our network of suppliers in Karelia have been able to source for Shungite Masters a number of these beautiful pieces.

We are proud to have some of the largest pieces of elite for sale in Australia, at great prices. We work hard to source and bring these wonderful pieces here.

Elite Collector Items

These are Elite pieces that are over 100g and under 400g. These are ideal pieces for the collector or just to have around the home, and in our opinion, quite reasonably priced.

Elite Shungite Museum Items

We are calling our Elite over 400g “Museum Items”. These are exceptionally rare, large and expensive and would suit being in a museum or gallery.

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