About Shungite Masters


Hi, I am Tim Masters and together with my wife Tina we have started this small business to share with everyone the many health benefits we believe Shungite can offer.


We live in Perth, Western Australia, where Shungite Central is located.  As we are a small business, we value our customers and try our hardest at all times to make your experience with Shungite Masters a pleasant one.  If you live in Perth and want to visit our store, please book an appointment online.

We are just regular people who have stumbled across Shungite some years ago and now surround ourselves with it.  We are passionate about Shungite and its many health benefits.

We live with Shungite in our lives everyday.  We drink Shungite water daily for its health benefits and also test and monitor EMF radiation in our home on a regular basis with our EMF meter.  We still live with Wi-Fi in the home but we limit the time it is on and we also place our Shungite pyramids and tiles to shield us as much as possible from the EMF radiation.

We have struck up a great relationships with our wholesalers in Russia and we are constantly updating our product range, as well as stocking the old favourites.  If you have a desire for a particular item of Shungite, let us know and we will try and sort it for you.

We guarantee all our products are genuine and sourced directly from the Zazhoginsky deposit in the Republic of Karelia.